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 ClearSpacer20x20 I was naturally born when a hungry chef began a quest to eat the most convenient and healthiest foods available. From my humble beginnings of just Oats, Tea, and Yogurt (OTY), I’m now a sublime mix, thick with antioxidant ripe fruits and nutrient rich whole grains, nuts and seeds.

It all began in 2003 when my Dad (the chef) started his first business providing foodservice at Carnegie Mellon University. After cooking in top kitchens around the world, he was working in a small deli on campus without a stove. Because of recent health problems, he was trying to eat healthy and began combining three of his most favorite foods, Oats, Tea, and Yogurt.circa2004

Dad was always busy when I was young; opening new locations, creating new dishes and introducing me around. When he opened the Red Oak Café in 2007 and got back in the kitchen, things got real interesting. I had finally found a home where I’ve been sold ever since.

I have to admit, I was a little awkward at first, but Dad was always improving my nutrition and helping me taste better. In eight years, I’ve grown to be a nutritious and delicious drinkable meal, good at any time of the day. Along the way, I’ve made a lot of friends with people who were trying to eat healthy including cancer patients, nauseated from chemotherapy, athletes, students and everyday folks.

Long story short, customers began to demand me in bulk to take home. Dad wanted to make it easy for everybody, so, with a lot of help, I’ve been nurtured into a bottle, for you to enjoy.



I’m blue, but you’ll be happy to have me! My luscious ripe blueberries mingle with lemon, vanilla and hibiscus in every sip. Steeped in tradition and green tea, my OTY DNA contains powerful ancient grains, seeds and nuts for you to grow old and your health to prosper. I’m bright with passion for life, flavor and nutrition! Say aloha to sweet mango and tart passion fruit doing the hula with lemongrass, turmeric and green tea. I’m for real when I say that my fiber and protein would sustain you if we were stranded alone on a deserted island. Help us choose the next OTY. Send us your suggestion to info@drinkoty.com


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